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We perform physicals (DOT, sports, school, pre-employment, women's health) and provide treatment of acute and chronic illnesses.


Acute (short-term) illnesses include, but are not limited to, ear infections, bladder infections, viruses and headaches. Chronic illness (a disorder that lasts more than 6 months) include but are not limited to, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, thyroid disorders and diabetes.


We also treat minor emergencies, such as sprains, strains, and minor lacerations.


We provide diagnosis, counselling and treatment for behavioral health needs, such as anxiety, depression, and ADD/ADHD.

Not only will the entire team at our offices know you by name, you can also get professional medical services you likely wouldn't expect at a walk-in clinic!


Because we prioritize our patients, we have developed advanced facilities to get you the best care around!

State-of-the-art for better service

No one in West Tennessee takes better care of you than Reelfoot Family Walk-In Clinics.

-Blood glucose


-In-house CBC

-Pregnancy testing

-Influenza test

-Quick strep


-Wet Prep

-PT/INR testing

Laboratory Services

-Cervical & uterine cancer screening

-DOT physicals

-EPSDT physicals

-Geriatric care

-Men's health (including prostate exam)

-Pediatric/newborn care

-Women's health (excluding obstetrics)

-Work & school physicals

-Sports physicals


-10 lead EKG

-Pulse oximetry


-Temperature measurement


-Sore throat

-Upper respiratory infections

-Bladder infections

-Ear aches

-Thyroid issues







-Allergy shots prescribed by a specialist

-Flu vaccine

-Pneumonia vaccine

-Subcutaneous & intramuscular

-TB skin test

-Tetanus diphtheria toxoid


-Foreign bodies in the ear

-In-house minor surgery

-Irrigating the external auditory canal


-Suturing (simple lacerations)

-Tick removal


-Wound care

-Staple and stitch removal

-Diabetic wound care

-Oxygen administration

-Nebulizer therapy



-Manage blood pressure

-Control diabetes

-Monitor weight loss


Chronic Treatment:

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